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How to Honeymoon Like Jennifer Aniston in Bora Bora

Jennifer Aniston and new husband Justin Theroux have embarked on a lush honeymoon in the South Pacific after quietly tying the knot in adjoin of 70 friends and family members at their Bel Air, CA, manse. Here’s what we know so far to inspire your own fantasy honeymoon (even if you have to settle for […]

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Summer Vacation Destinations

The Most Popular Summer Vacation Destinations 2015

Although the summer is coming to an end, travelers are trying to sneak in that last vacation before the end of August. It looks as though travel destinations in the Caribbean are still standard among US residents during the summer months, according to a contemporary report released by Adara, a company that leverages global travel […]

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Solo Women Travelers

Extra Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Every year, thousands of women, young and ancient, travel to Europe on their own. You can, too, by using the same excellent judgment you use at home. Start with caution and map out as you travel what feels right to you. Make conditions that are likely to turn out in your favor, and you’ll have […]

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Making the Most of Your Trip

Make yourself an extrovert on your trip, even if you’re not one at home.When life gives you a camel, jump aboard! The people you meet as you travel are more than photo subjects; they are new friends. On the road, I get out of my comfort zone and meet people I’d never run into at […]

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National Building Museum

The National Building Museum Creates an Indoor Beach

Landlocked Paris has its faux beaches along the Seine to keep locals and tourists cool during the summer. And this year, the Inhabitant Building Museum has adopted a similar thought by giving Washington, DC, its first 10,000-square-foot indoor beach. Located in the Fantastic Hall, the beach — where it’s always 70 degrees, according to museum’s […]

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The Best Way to Carry Money Overseas

Before you leave for your next trip abroad, take a moment to reckon dollars and cents — or should we say pounds and pesos? Get the most for your money when traveling internationally by doing a small homework first. The most vital step is to know your options. In days of yore, traveler’s checks were […]

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Best Motorcycle Road Trips

​Some roads are better experienced on the back of a bike. Here are our picks for America’s 5 best motorcycle road trips. Tail of the Dragon (Deals Gap, NC) Route: 11 miles The Tail of the Dragon is largely considered the most standard motorcycle road trip, with 318 curves in a small stretch of US […]

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Five Features of a Fantastic Road Trip

Whether you want to hit the open road to find yourself or lose yourself along the way, keep in mind that a road trip is all about you. You choose when to start and stop, you choose where to eat and sleep, you choose what is worth a second glance. “You’re in payment,” says Megan […]

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10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad

Safety should be a key implication no matter where you travel, and part of staying safe in an unfamiliar place is dressing to blend in — or, at least, not dressing to stand out. Beyond avoiding matching T-shirts, baseball hats and white sneakers, not to mention “I Like NY” sweatshirts, keep in mind local customs […]

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A Clever Secret to Getting a Cheaper Airfare

Here’s a surprise in the travel world that, once learned, can make you feel like a fantastic explorer. Suddenly, you’re Marco Polo stumbling onto an overland trade route to China or Magellan finding his way around Cape Horn. This surprise is truly sensational – something that could even change the way you look at the world […]

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