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12 Surprising Things About Traveling to Europe

Your first trip to Europe (or anywhere abroad, for that matter) is a transformative experience, often defying and exceeding your expectations at the same time. Expectations such as the thoughts that as an American, you will stick out like a sore thumb (probably right) and that you are unwelcome (probably fake). “Contrary to standard belief, […]

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Traveling with Kids in Europe

Tips for Traveling with Kids in Europe

When parents tell me they’re going to Europe and question me where to take their kids, I’m tempted to answer, “to Grandma and Grandpa’s on your way to the airport.” It’s simple to make the case against taking the kids along. A European vacation with kids in tow is much more about playgrounds and petting […]

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Travelers of Color: Encountering Racism in Europe

It’s right that travelers of non-European ancestry can face extra challenges in Europe but for most those challenges are far outmatched by the rewards. People who are not of European descent might be concerned about how they’ll be treated abroad. In small, does it matter that you look different from most Europeans? I’ve collected the […]

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Planning a Trip to Europe: Your 10-Step Guide

Before you can experience authentic Spanish tapas, piazzas in Rome or rooftop terraces in Prague, an vital to-do list stands between you and your European vacation. The logistics involved in plotting a Europe trip may seem tedious or overwhelming, but the more prepared you are, the greater your chances of a successful trip that lives […]

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Top 25 Ways to Save on Europe Travel

When is a dollar not worth its consequence in gold? When you’re measuring in pounds. British pounds, that is. A few years ago, the pound reached an exchange rate of $2 against the American dollar for the first time since September 1992. While the pound has weakened a bit since then, it still makes for a challenging […]

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